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Welcome to Rensselaer's New Employee Virtual Toolkit!


Just starting out as a new employee on our campus? You've come to the right place!

For a QUICK START to enrolling as an employee, please visit the Complete Your New Hire Packet link on the right.

To assist you in learning more about Rensselaer's culture, resources and processes, we have created a system that allows you to seek out pertinent information when and where you need it. We call it “Rensselaer’s New Employee Virtual Toolkit”. This page places hundreds of informational opportunities that are at your fingertips. In this way you can customize your orientation process to include information that is most important to you.

And remember...if at any time you still have questions regarding any procedures, subjects, or issues which affect your job here at Rensselaer, please feel free to direct the questions to your supervisor, manager, or the Division of Human Resources.

Enjoy the toolkit!

New Employee Video Tutorials

Last modified: January 19, 2018
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