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Safety Overview

Rensselaer promotes safe and healthy working conditions for its employees through a program of training, job hazard analysis, safety procedures and guidelines and incident reporting and analysis. Safety on the job is the responsibility of every employee. It is an expectation of employment here at Rensselaer that each employee will ensure the following actions are performed:

  • In an emergency situation, ensure you are safe, warn others and then report the event to Public Safety at x6611
  • Report incidents or "near misses" that could have resulted in injuries, fires, vehicle accidents or hazardous material spills to their supervisors
  • Complete the training outlined in your PMT
  • Assess the potential hazards of your work environment and work task and identify the methods or equipment needed to mitigate those hazards
  • Determine if your work is going to impact students, visitors, or other Rensselaer staff and faculty and take appropriate measures to protect them from the hazards of your work
  • Wear the PPE assigned or appropriate for the task
  • Stop work and notify supervision whenever there is an unsafe condition that could harm you or fellow employees
  • Do not perform unsafe acts in the workplace

The Environmental Health & Safety Department is available for training or consultation on any employee concerns relative to workplace hazards. As an employee you are protected by OSHA regulations and are guaranteed a workplace safe from serious hazards and the right to voice concerns about unsafe acts or conditions without fear of retribution.

Last modified: September 23, 2008
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