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Core Principles

Successful safety programs tend to be an integral part of a business’s process improvement program. These programs run the gamut from Total Quality Management (TQM) to Six Sigma. The foundation of Rensselaer’s safety program rests upon the following core principles:

  • Safety should be an integral part of all activities and processes
  • Supervisors have the primary responsibility to ensure safety is integrated and implemented into those activities and processes
  • Individuals must adhere to the established procedures and not circumvent or “short-cut” the process steps
  • All personnel should seek continuous improvement in the safety program by alerting their supervisors or EH&S of problems or flaws in the way we do work or research
  • Environmental health and safety works best as an internal consultant and is least effective when used to monitor and direct compliance

Suggestions for improvements to the safety program or work/research processes can be directed to any member of the EH&S staff as well as an individual’s Principal Investigator or supervisor.

Last modified: March 26, 2008
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