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Portfolio/Business Continuity Planning

The Portfolio Continuity Plan focuses on procedures and processes that enable the Portfolio or Institution to continue critical functions should a significant disruption or disaster occur. The templates provided below are the basis for a model decentralized continuity plan, in that each Portfolio's plan can be deployed independently if needed. Under this operating structure, the Executive Committee has the primary responsibility for management and oversight of the Institute Continuity Planning, while individual portfolios have primary responsibility for the execution of their individual plans. Not all areas or templates may apply to your portfolio plan. If you need additional assistance on these templates, please contact the Coordinators listed below.

In addition, a comprehensive presentation on Portfolio Continuity has also been included on this site to aid with the implementation of the templates.


Business Continuity Planning Presentation




Purpose & Definitions


Recovery Flow Chart Diagram

Recovery Team

Risk Analysis

Portfolio Data

Alternate Facility

Staff Listing

Critical Functions

Vital Records

Critical Vendors

Information Technology

Division of Human Resources Continuity Coordinators

Annette Chism, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, 518-276-6114.  
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