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EH&S Staff

The EH&S staff is comprised of professional personnel with many years of combined experience in performing health and safety work. Members of the staff have successfully satisfied certification requirements in radiation safety, occupational safety, and industrial hygiene. Their principal function is to work with employees, faculty and students to ensure a safe work place and a sustainable impact on our environment

Name Title Phone  Areas of expertise

Annette Chism

Director of Environmental Health and Safety 518-276-6114 Regulatory compliance, risk identification and mitigation
Judy Corbett

Associate Safety Specialist 518-276-2281 Lab Safety and Hazardous Materials
Magaly Montenegro Martinez

Associate Safety Specialist 518-276-2092 Lab Safety and Hazardous Materials
Jennifer Wicks

Operations Specialist 518-276-6427 Database & Web support, Hazardous Waste
Related Contacts

Will Fahey
Manager of Professional Development 518-276-2318 Professional Development and EH&S safety training
Public Safety
Contact Public Safety if this is an emergency 518-276-6611 Emergencies
Jerry Faiola
Director of Environmental and Site Services 518-276-3843 Recycling programs
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