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New Employee Orientation Checklist

A new employee begins the job with a desire to be successful. Staff members look to the management of the department for information about positions and the value of the work they are performing.

The success or failure of a new member rests in large part on the supervisor. This checklist is a minimum measure of the supervisor's responsibility for orientation of the new employee to the department. Please note that items regarding benefits and general campus organizational structures are covered in the Benefit Briefings presented by Human Resources.

Things to Check before the New Employee Begins Work

Yes No
Have other staff members been informed of the new employee, including their name, title, and start date? ____ ____
Has a desk or office been prepared with appropriate supplies? ____ ____
Have office key(s) been ordered? ____ ____
Has a long-distance access code been requested (if needed)? ____ ____
Has a name plate for the new employee been ordered (if applicable)? ____ ____
Has the new employee been instructed where to park? ____ ____
Has a co-worker been assigned to help acclimate and train the new staff? ____ ____
Has the Mailroom been notified to add the new name to the mailing list? ____ ____

Things You Should Do on the Employee's First Day on the Job

  • Be there! The supervisor should be the one to introduce a new employee to co-workers and managers within (and outside) the department.
  • Show the employee her/his desk (or office), where to store personal belongings, and introduce him or her to any individual that may be involved in their job training.
  • Be sure the new employee has a copy of his or her job description.
  • Use an organizational chart to provide an overview of the department's function. Include the relationship of the department to other departments within the unit/organization.
  • Explain any special procedures/regulations pertaining to the department and Human Resources Policies, as well as the location of the Human Resources policy manual. Stress confidentiality issues.
  • Provide a tour of the worker's new facility, including the location of restrooms, water fountain, vending machines, and lounge.
  • Explain procedures for time off, such as those for sick time and vacation, Institute closings, etc.
  • Discuss department dress expectations.
  • Discuss Institute hours, including lunch hours and breaks.
  • Explain telephone usage.
  • Review fire and other emergency procedures.
  • Show the employee where supplies are kept.
  • Arrange to have the new employee join you and/or some other co-workers for lunch.
  • Explain the Institute's smoking policy.
  • Arrange to meet the new employee at the end of the day to answer any questions.

Things You Should Do if Your New Employee is a Supervisor

  • Review the conduct and disciplinary guidelines and supervisor responsibilities.
  • Review the sexual harassment policy and supervisor responsibilities.
  • Review the Institute's and department's performance appraisal system.
  • Review the interviewing guidelines.
  • Share the department's copy of Policies and Procedures for Human Resource Management.
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