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Leadership Skills

Achieving Results through Genuine Leadership is a system that develops leaders to handle change, maintain team focus, and make good decisions fast.

This series of Leadership skills modules was developed by AchieveGlobal, a recognized worldwide industry leader in Professional Development content. The materials are presented by certified AchieveGlobal facilitators, according to AchieveGlobal's five phases of learning: Commit, Assess, Acquire, Develop, and Apply. Titled the AchieveGlobal Learning Formula, it guides the learner through a cycle of learner-centric activities that result in sustained behavior change and provide valuable skill building opportunities.

Leadership Courses

Please click on each of the links below for full course descriptions. Re-clicking the link will re-close the item and you may make another selection.

  • LS-100: The Principles and Qualities of Genuine Leadership
  • LS-101: Providing Constructive Feedback
  • LS-102: Developing Others
  • LS-103: Giving Recognition
  • LS-104: The Hallmarks of Supervisory Success
  • LS-105: Delegating for Shared Success
  • LS-106: Listening in a Hectic World
  • LS-107: Speaking to Influence Others
  • LS-108: Planning for Performance Discussions
  • LS-109:Clarifying Performance Expectations
  • LS-110: Correcting Performance Problems
  • LS-111: Conducting Performance Reviews
  • LS-112: Addressing Emotions at Work
  • LS-113: Resolving Conflicts with Your Peers
  • LS-114: Building Team Pride and Purpose
  • LS-115: Developing Team Agility: Day-to-Day Tools
  • LS-116: Resolving Conflicts within Your Team
  • LS-117: Negotiating Resources for Your Team
  • LS-118: Problem Solving Results
  • LS-119: Profiles in Genuine Leadership
  • LS-120: Building Trust Under Pressure- The Basic Principles
  • LS-121: Shaping a Motivational Workplace
  • LS-122: Giving Needs Based Feedback
  • LS-123: Offering Rewards and Recognition
  • LS-124: Realizing Talent in Others
  • LS-125: Generations in the Workplace: Leveraging Age Diversity
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