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Filling Positions

Newly Created Positions

All new positions must be approved through the annual Performance Planning and Budget process.  The following procedures must be followed:

  • Under the Resource Planning section of the Performance Plan, the Department Head determines the need for a new position and makes the recommendation to the appropriate cabinet member.
  • All positions proposed during the performance planning process are submitted to the Division of Human Resource for salary, title and FLSA determination for inclusion in the proposed budget.
  • If the new position is approved in the Performance Plan and in the Budget, the position is considered approved.
  • Prior to beginning the search process, the hiring manager is responsible for developing a Performance Management Tool (PMT).
  • The Performance Management Tool must be submitted to the Division of Human Resources for confirmation of job level, title and FLSA status.
  • The hiring manager initiates the search process by completing a Position Approval Form (PAF). (Refer to the HR Policy Guidelines for the position justification and hiring process.) Once a candidate has been selected, managers should use hiring zones (as indicated on the chart on the following page) to establish the appropriate starting salary within the established hiring range. Salary offers that are outside of the hiring range must be approved by the Division of Human Resources.
Last modified: July 16, 2007
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