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Career Ladders

Career ladders are tools for defining and distinguishing, on a broad basis, the levels of jobs within a job family. Career Ladders are not intended to be comprehensive job descriptions. The established career ladders will provide standard criteria and a consistent framework to:

  • Develop Performance Management Tools
  • Guide staff and managers regarding the career levels within job families
  • Assist in the correct assignment of staff to the appropriate job family and level based on the position requirements and responsibilities
  • Serve as a basis for career counseling

Rensselaer has established career ladders for the following job families:

  • Administrative and Operations
  • Athletics
  • Health Services
  • Information Technology
  • Instructional and Research Support
  • Librarian
  • Management
  • Professional
  • Public Safety
  • Scientific and Research
  • Service and Maintenance
Last modified: July 13, 2007
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