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Focused Workshops with Rensselaer's Archer Center

Archer Center

The Focused Workshops are presented in partnership with the Archer Center for Student Leadership. A variety of experienced trainers who are extensively familiar with the subject matter and have proven success in facilitating adult learning will present the on-site sessions. These programs are designed to focus on professional development and workplace issues as well as personal development and well-being.  A registration fee of $25 for each participant per program will be charged to the appropriate account code as noted on your registration form.

About the Archer Center for Student Leadership

The Archer Center for Student Leadership Development team provides skill-based, interactive leadership education for the Rensselaer students and community that complements the Institute's educational mission. They work with their colleagues and corporate partners to promote leadership practices that foster teamwork and integrity in professional and personal development. For more information, please visit the Archer Center's website.

Focused Workshop Course Descriptions

Please click on each of the links below for full course descriptions. Re-clicking the link will re-close the item and you may make another selection.

  • FW-100 Leading in a Global Environment/Cross Cultural Communication
  • FW-101 Behavior-Based Interviewing
  • FW-102 Creating Departmental Mission Statements and Achievable Goals
  • FW-103 Employee Driven Leadership
  • FW-104 The Power of Personality (MBTI)
  • FW-105 Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • FW-106 Building an Effective Team
  • FW-107 Effective Listening
  • FW-108 Effective Meeting Management
  • FW-109 Ethical Decision Making
  • FW-110 Professional Speaking
  • FW-111 Leading Change
  • FW-112 Conflict Management
  • FW-113 Motivation
  • FW-114 Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback
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