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Incidents Listing

Incidents at the University are categorized as Class A or B based on their immediate severity. Class A incidents require a cessation of work or research activities, implementation of immediate corrective actions, and a root cause analysis before work or research can continue. The examples listed below are not all inclusive and reporting of incidents should be guided by whether the event could lead to a severe injury, loss of property or release of hazardous materials to the environment.

Type A Incidents – require immediate implementation of corrective actions and a root cause analysis before work or research is resumed

  • Hospitalization or Fatality
  • Fire or explosion that results in building evacuation
  • Uncontrolled and unauthorized release of chemicals to the sanitary or storm drains

Type B Incidents – require immediate reporting to supervision but assessment of the causes of the event can be done during the normal course of work and work can resume without immediate completion of an incident review provided corrective actions to prevent recurrence have been implemented by the PI or supervisor

  • Injury
  • Work related illness
  • Slips, falls
  • Vehicle collisions
  • Work related property damage in excess of $500.00
  • Unplanned/Uncontrolled/Unauthorized localized chemical or radiological spill or chemical/gas explosion
  • Eye or skin contact exposure to laser beams (Class 3 or greater) or UV (disinfectant beam for bio cabinets)

Last modified: March 12, 2008
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