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Workers' Compensation Benefits

Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation provides income protection and medical treatment benefits in compliance with New York law while you are disabled from a work related injury, illness or disease.

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  • Benefit Waiting Period
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  • Returning to Work
  • Supportive Policies
  • Administration of Workers' Compensation
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All Rensselaer employees are eligible. Students are generally not eligible.

Benefit Waiting Period

Medical benefits are paid from the date of injury. According to New York State law, lost wage benefits are paid after the first 5 days of absence from work due the injury or illness. The first 5 lost work days can be counted as sick time. However, according to New York law, if the lost work days exceed 14 calendar days, then the entire time lost from work is covered by Workers’ Compensation benefits, and the sick time used is restored to the employee.


  • Rensselaer employees receive the benefits that are required under the New York Workers’ Compensation law. This is a maximum of two-thirds wages tax free, to a weekly maximum payment,currently $400. Again, this also requires continuing medical certification of temporary/total disability.
  • Vacation pay cannot be used while an employee is not working due to a workers’ compensation claim.
  • Medical care is paid as per New York law. However, any non-emergency medical procedures or tests that will cost more than $500 are required by law to have either the State Insurance Fund or Rensselaer review and approve it first. Rensselaer retains The Hartford Insurance Company to adjudicate and pay claims.

Returning To Work

To return to work after a Workers’ Compensation injury or illness, you will need to provide a medical certification that you are eligible to return to full time duty. This certification should be presented to your department either before you return, or on the day you return. Rensselaer will seek an independent medical verification that you are able to return to full time duty.

Supportive Policies

  • Your own job is held for you for up to 12 weeks from the date of injury. Medical certification is required to return to work.
  • Part-time and light duty work may be available if you obtain medical certification of your ability to do the work, and your department and supervisor agree.

Administration of Workers’ Compensation - How do I apply for benefits?

Benefits begin when three Workers’ Compensation criteria are met:

  • An injury, illness or disease must be reported to Rensselaer’s Division of Human Resources. Use the Rensselaer Inury/Illness Report to do this. Rensselaer requires that Injury/Illness reports be completed within 24 hours of the time of injury or illness.
  • Medical certification of injury, illness or disease must be presented to Rensselaer and the NY Workers' Compensation Board.
  • A causal relationship between the injury, illness or disease and your job must be made and documented by a qualified medical doctor, and it must have occurred in and of the course of your employment at Rensselaer.

If either of these conditions are not present, Rensselaer may not accept the injury, illness or disease as falling under Rensselaer’s Workers’ Compensation benefit program. If Rensselaer decides to not accept it under Workers’ Compensation (called a controverted claim), you are placed on Short Term Disability benefits until the Workers’ Compensation claim is decided by the NY Workers' Compensation Board.

Rensselaer retains the Hartford Insurance Company to administer the workers’ compensation benefits. Below is very important information that you will need:

Workers' Compensation Information
The Hartford Workers' Compensation Center
P.O. Box 14170
Lexington, KY 40512
Phone #1-877-469-9222
Fax# 859-258-2235

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RPI Account # 47157
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