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Incident Investigation

What is the procedure for reporting work-related injuries or illnesses?

All incidents that may or do result in injury, illness or property damage must be reported immediately to the supervisor. The University requires investigation of all incidents, including "near misses" where there is a potential for an injury.

The Incident/Near Miss Investigation Form should be completed by the employee and the employee's supervisor and forwarded to Environment, Health and Safety to ensure appropriate follow up. If an injury or illness is involved then the Report of Injury and Illness must also be completed and submitted to the Benefits Sections of the Division of Human Resources.

What type of investigation occurs after an incident?

Following a report of an incident or near miss, the supervisor responsible for the area is required to investigate the incident to determine root causes and corrective actions to prevent a recurrence. The objective of the investigation is to identify facts related to how the incident occurred and factors that contributed to the incident. The investigation is not performed to assign blame but rather to correct causes of incidents.

What are the employee's responsibilities in incident/near miss investigation and follow-up?

Employees who are involved in incidents or who are witnesses to incidents are required to participate in the investigation by responding to the investigator's questions. They are also encouraged to make suggestions for avoiding similar incidents. Employees are entitled to learn the results of the investigation.

Last modified: April 15, 2008
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