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Orientation and Training

Ensuring Employee Competency

The Occupational Health and Safety Agency requires that where any work is done which may endanger any worker; the work shall be done by a competent worker, or a worker working under the supervision of a competent worker. In addition to this requirement, the OSHA regulations identify specific training requirements for several areas including, Confined Spaces, Emergency Response, Fall Protection, Lifting Equipment, Lifting and Handling Loads, Personal Protective Equipment, Powered Mobile Equipment, etc.


Departments shall establish and maintain systems for ensuring employees have the required competency training to perform work safely. The system should include:

  • A method to determine the level of competence (qualification, training and experience) required by workers performing hazardous task.
  • A method to determine the competence of employees performing hazardous tasks.
  • A method to ensure that gaps in competency between what is required and what workers have is corrected, and
  • A method to ensure that training requirements are reviewed in response to changes in equipment, processes and legislation.


Departments shall establish and maintain systems to ensure that employees complete as a minimum the training courses required in their PMT if they are a staff member. Faculty members have their training requirements listed in their Skillport account. Training requirements for students are the same as that of a faculty or staff member performing the same work. Additional training courses may be required as identified in hazard assessments.


It is expected that Departments/Faculties shall have in place an EH&S orientation program that as a minimum meets the following orientation requirements:

  • Emergency response actions specific to the department and Work Place
  • Personal Protective Equipment Needs and Use
  • Specific department and work area safety policies and procedures
  • Reporting of Incidents, near Misses and Injuries
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