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Orientation and Training

Ensuring Faculty, Student and Staff Competency

The University safety policy requires that safety be maintained in all academic programs. Training and orientation provides the foundation for those safety efforts and all University personnel are expected to participate.


Departments shall establish and maintain systems for ensuring faculty, staff and students have the required competency training to work, teach or perform research safely. The system should include:

  • Identification of the training needed from the Environmental Health & Safety department to ensure work and research can be performed safely.
  • An orientation program provided by Principal Investigators (PIs) for their staff and students perform work or research in their studios, laboratories or other research and teaching spaces.
  • Identification of training needs through a hazard assessment of the research or work being performed.


EH&S offers most safety training through the University’s Skillport system. For faculty, their training requirements are specified within their individual Skillport account. Staff have their training requirements specified in their Performance Management Tool as well as in their Skillport account. Students have no specified training requirements other than their training should be at a minimum the same as that of faculty in that same teaching or research space.

EH&S can provide specialized training for departments and individual PIs. Contact information to establish additional training courses is provided below. It is expected that especially for students, faculty or someone the faculty designates will provide “hands on” demonstration training for each student in the research or studio space.


It is expected that Departments/Faculties shall have in place an EH&S orientation program that as a minimum meets the following orientation requirements:

  • Emergency response actions specific to the department and Work Place
  • Personal Protective Equipment Needs and Use
  • Specific department and work area safety policies and procedures
  • Reporting of Incidents, Near Misses and Injuries

EH&S Training Assistance

Will Fahey, Manager of Professional Development

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