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Incident Reporting and Analysis

Reporting Work-related Injuries or Illnesses

All incidents that may or do result in injury or illness must be reported immediately to the supervisor or Principal Investigator. The University Safety Program requires supervisors and faculty to conduct incident investigations. Incidents need to be documented using the Rensselaer Incident/Near Miss Investigation Form.

Supervisor and PI Responsibility

A critical responsibility of supervisors and Pis is to conduct incident investigations, complete all documentation, develop recommendations and ensure that follow-up occurs. Rule of Thumb - In incident investigations it is critical to determine the "root cause" of the incident. Normally, root causes identify a breakdown in the health and safety system; human error, as a root cause, is extremely rare. The EH&S department is available to assist in any Incident investigation.

Further information on Incident reporting and Investigation can be found at Incident Reporting and Analysis.

Incident Investigation Training

To ensure the proper approach to incident investigation centers on gathering facts and identifying root causes and corrective action, it is important that all those responsible for investigating incidents receive training. The EH&S department periodically offers an Incident Investigation Course.

Workers Compensation Claims

If a staff or faculty member is injured it is the responsibility of the supervisor to complete the WC Employer's Report form and send it to the Division of Human Resources with 24 hours should an incident result in any of the following:

  • missing time from work (more than the day of the incident),
  • needing a modification of work to accommodate the injury,
  • requiring medical aid (other than first aid).
  • Students are not typically eligible for worker’s compensation. More Information on Workers Compensation can be found at Workers’ Compensation Benefits.

EH&S Incident Analysis Assistance

Contact Environmental Health and Safety (518) 276-6427

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