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Certificate Programs

Rensselaer’s Professional Development “Certificate Programs” provide an opportunity for individuals to be recognized for making a professional commitment to themselves and our organization. The certificate programs are closely aligned with the Performance Management process and “Individual Development Plan” concept and are designed to reinforce core competencies. The Certificate Programs provide a predetermined curriculum and pathway to success. Feel free to contact Will Fahey at 276-2318 or if you would like to get additional details.

Leadership Certificate Program

More than ever, everyone within today’s organizations needs a deep knowledge of leadership best practices and help in tailoring those practices to their own situations. To meet this need, this curriculum outlines the universal leadership qualities and principles that help individuals become genuine leaders. Genuine leaders are able to translate intentions into reality.

Please click on each of the links below for full course descriptions of each of our Work Skills modules. Re-clicking the link will re-close the item and you may make another selection.

Attendance at the following eight (8) courses must be completed to receive the Leadership Certificate:

Genuine Leadership

  • Profiles of Genuine Leadership
  • Giving Recognition
  • Correcting Performance Problems


  • Speaking to Influence Others

Coaching Others for Top Performance

  • Clarifying Performance Expectations
  • Conducting Performance Reviews
  • Developing Others

Team Building Skills

  • Resolving Conflicts within Your Team
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