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Compensation Overview

Rensselaer’s salary administration guidelines are intended to provide a framework to compete for qualified staff in an evolving environment, to pay employees equitably and fairly, and to be fiscally responsible. Rensselaer believes that it is important to consider both internal and external factors as pay decisions are made. It is important to consider internal equity of similar jobs, as well as an individual's skills, knowledge, performance, and job related experience. The relevant external labor market will be monitored to determine market movement. The external market consists of other academic institutions and general industry employers with whom we compete for employees with relevant skills and experience.

As Rensselaer strives to operate with more flexibility and efficiency, employees are being asked to think more broadly about their roles, their responsibilities, and their careers. Rensselaer expects employees to strive for excellence in their job performance and take accountability and ownership for their careers. It is essential that employees, either in performing their current job responsibilities or in preparation to assume new and different responsibilities, continue to develop and expand their skills to keep pace with change and to prepare themselves for opportunities as they become available.

However, learning new skills or broadening those that an employee already possesses may not always result in a pay increase, even if the employee moves to another job/position in his/her same salary level or range.

Last modified: April 4, 2008
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