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Paid Time Off

PTO Summary

Effective July 1, 2008

Staff - Years of Service PTO Annual Accrual Rates
1st Year 144 hours/18 days
2nd through 3rd Year 168 hours/21 days
4th through 6th Year 200 hours/25 days
7th through 10th Year 232 hours/29 days
Over 10 Years 248 hours/31 days
  • Unused PTO above 200 hours will be transferred into a Reserve Time Off (RTO) bank at the end of each fiscal year. There will be no maximum on the size of the RTO bank.
  • Available RTO can be used to supplement Short-Term Disability beginning on the 6th consecutive business day of absence due to illness or injury. Rensselaer will supplement 4 hours per day with Short Term Disability.
  • If you are classified as an executive officer or administrative officer you earn 9.67 hours PTO time per pay period up to a maximum of 232 hours (29 days) a year.
  • Employees must use all PTO before the end of their employment and prior to their last day worked. PTO and RTO is never paid out upon separation or retirement.
  • All scheduled PTO must be pre-approved in writing by your supervisor.
  • RTO can only be used in cases of employee illness or injury starting with the 6th consecutive business day of absence, and the absence must be documented and certified, in writing, by the employees attending physician.
  • Eligible employees will be allowed a maximum of five days with pay for bereavement leave when a loss of immediate family occurs.
  • Employees cannot use paid leave during the first 90 days of employment except during the official Institute Holiday Winter Break.

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