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Workforce Optimization

Vice President for Human Resources Curtis Powell recently provided the following remarks to clarify what is meant by "Workforce Optimization" at Rensselaer.

"As we have stated on multiple occasions, there are no plans for a further reduction in force. We are simply looking for ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations by realigning the duties and priorities of certain positions.

The concept of “workforce optimization” means that skills, competencies, salaries, individual job preferences, regulatory demands, human resource guidelines, and other data are entered into a complex algorithm to strike an optimal balance between organizational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

The focus of Rensselaer’s workforce optimization efforts will be to capture, apply, and re-use knowledge and best practices among departments and Institute portfolios, and create successful, collaborative portfolio structures that are best able to leverage the knowledge and talent of our faculty and staff to deliver a world class education to our students. We understand that human capital—the skills, competencies, talents, and motivation of employees—is truly an organization’s most important asset and the only source of sustainable competitive advantage.

The actions we have taken in recent months have undoubtedly been painful for the individuals affected, their families, and for all of us in the larger Rensselaer community. But the earlier progressive steps we took — to freeze hiring and to make operational budget cuts — helped keep staffing reductions to a minimum, and will continue to protect the core academic enterprise of Rensselaer."

Last modified: July 10, 2009
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