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Getting Started

You'll need a Rensselaer Identification Number (RIN) to get started. The RIN is needed to create your employee accounts in a variety of systems you will need to function as a member of the Rensselaer community, including:

  • Payroll
  • Computing
  • Parking
  • ID Card
  • Building Access

Instructions: A "RIN" will be assigned to you once you have returned your completed New Hire Packet to the Division of Human Resources and you have completed the requirements for an "Employment Eligibility Form I-9".

Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification
You will need to visit the Division of Human Resources in person to complete the Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9). See item 5 for more information.

Non-resident aliens are expected to contact the Division of Human Resources at 518-276-6302 as far in advance of the anticipated start date as possible.

New Hire Packet

Please complete each document listed below, print and sign where required. Then, please return the documents to the Division of Human Resources in one of the following ways. Note: An in person visit is required to complete the Form I-9 on or before your first day of work.

  • In Person
    Please visit us at: 21 Union Street, 2nd Floor, Troy, NY 12180

  • By US Mail
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    The Division of Human Resources
    110 8th Street Troy, NY 12180

  • By fax

  • By email
    Human Resources

  • By Fed Ex or similar carrier
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    The Division of Human Resources
    21 Union Street, 2nd Floor
    Troy, NY 12180
    phone: 518-276-6302

New Hire Packet

1. Employee Handbook

  • Purpose: The handbook codifies our benefits, policies and culture by providing answers to general questions about policies, procedures, and programs.

2. Confidential Post-Hire Questionnaire

  • Purpose: Collects personal information for employment and payroll processing as well as required record keeping.
  • To do: Complete all questions on front and back of form; sign and date; return to Division of HR
  • Click here for more information about the Armed Forces Service Medal.

3. Intellectual Property Agreement

  • Find the form: Intellectual Property Agreement
  • Purpose: Ensured that ideas gained by employees through experience or acquired through research and development efforts are kept within the Institute.
  • To do:
    • Review the policy.
    • Sign and date the agreement and return it to the Division of HR.

4. Financial Conflict of Interest and Commitment Disclosure

  • Find the form: COI Disclosure Form
  • Find the Policy: COI Policy
  • Purpose: Allows Rensselaer to establish a procedure that will offer protection against charges of impropriety involving officers, directors or trustees.
  • To do:
    • Review the Policy.
    • Sign and date the acknowledgement form and return it to the Division of HR.

5. Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9 Form)

  • To do:
    • Complete Section 1
    • Print, Sign, and Date.
    • Review the list of acceptable documents
    • Bring the completed form and documents to the Division of Human Resources on or before your 1st day of work
    • Contact HR if you have any questions, by calling (518) 276-6994

6. Payroll Check Disposition Authorization Form

7. Agreement for Disposition of Advance Payment of Wages

8. W-4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate

9. IT-2104 Employee’s Withholding Allowance

  • Find the form: IT-2104 Employee’s Withholding Allowance
  • Purpose: Required by NYS Department of Taxation and Finance. Signs you up for your desired payroll tax withholding.
  • To do:
    • Complete information; sign and date form; send to Payroll.

10. New Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options and Your Health Coverage

  • Find the form: RPI Exchange Notice
  • Purpose: To provide notice to Employees of Coverage Options as an employer who offers a health plan to some or all employees.
  • To do:
    • Review the content of the document.
    • Contact the Division of Human Resources at 518-276-6302 if you have any questions.
    • Retain this notice for your records.

11. Important Payroll Notice

  • Find the form: Payroll Notice Form
  • Purpose: To provide you information about how you will get paid including where the Payroll Office is located, how often you will be paid, and other important details.
  • To do:
    • Review the information and contact a member of the Division of Human Resources or the Payroll Office with questions.

12. New Hire Checklist

  • Find the form: New Hire Checklist
  • Purpose: This printable checklist can be used to assist you with completing the packet.
  • To do:
    • If you wish, you can view and print the form to track your completion of the required forms.
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