2023 Form W-2 Now Available on Employee Self-Service System

Rensselaer's Payroll Office is pleased to announce to all members of the campus community that the 2023 W-2 information is now available via the Rensselaer Self-Service Information System.

To view your personal information, simply sign into the RSS or SIS website, and then use the following steps to access the W-2 forms:

  1. Click Human Resources/Payroll Menu.
  2. Click Tax Forms.
  3. Click W-2 Year End Earnings Statement.
  4. Click 2023 DISPLAY

The W-2 year-end statement which appears is your actual W-2 form, and you can feel free to print the form for your records and/or to file it with your personal 2023 income tax return.

If you cannot access your W-2, then you have not elected to receive your W-2in electronic format.  If you wish to do so now, please follow these simple instructions:

Instructions to Receive Electronic-Only W-2s and Eliminate the Paper Format:

If you have previously given consent you do not need to do it again.  


  • Sign into RSS.RPI.EDU or SIS.RPI.EDU (student employees)
  • Enter your secure ID and Password
  • Click on Human Resources/Payroll Menu
  • Click on Tax Forms
  • Click on Electronic W-2 Consent
  • Check the Box "Check To Receive W-2 Electronically" 

               The check mark in the My Choice box means you have previously given consent.   

  • Click Submit
  • Now you can follow the instructions above to obtain your W-2.

The Payroll Office will generate paper W-2 forms only for those individuals who did not elect to receive their W-2 in electronic format and for people who are not currently employed at RPI. These forms will be mailed on January 31, 2023

If you are a non-resident alien for tax purposes, please see the " Taxes" section of the Dean of Students' International Services for Students and Scholars webpage for additional information.

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