Staff Hiring

Staff Hiring Process


Plan for the Position

  • Identify Funds for the position
  • Secure Approval to recruit through the Staff Attrition Management (SAM) process. Consult your Portfolio Business Manager for details on this process.

Define the Position

  • Key terms:
    • The Performance Management Tool (PMT) is the word document
    • The Position Description (PD) is the online version of the PMT that is found in Applicant Tracking
    • The Posting is what eventually gets published to the website and is the portal for candidate applications. It is created from the PD.
  • Write or update the job description by starting with the most recent Performance Management Tool (PMT)
    • The HR Specialist, Compensation (ext. 6737), may be available for assistance in defining and classifying the position
  • Determine if a competitive search is needed:
    • A competitive search is required in all cases where the cumulative appointment is expected to span more than one academic year
    • Appointments will not be extended past one academic year without a competitive search

Submit the Online Requisition

  • Use the online Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for all hiring. You will log in with your RCS user ID and password.
  • The Portfolio Business Manager oversees the creation of an online Posting from the approved position description and follows the on-screen prompts
    • Use the position number found in the approval memo
    • The following required approvals are built into the ATS:
      • Office of the Dean, VP, or other portfolio owner
      • Division of Finance (Budget Office)
      • Division of Human Resources

Recruit and Select Candidates

  • An HR Recruiter schedules a manager’s meeting to discuss the Recruitment Strategy. The discussion will include:
    • Placement rate goals to comply with the Institute's Affirmative Action Plan
    • Institute Diversity initiatives
    • Standards and criteria for selection (minimum and preferred qualifications)
    • Advertising plan and budget
    • Salary strategy
    • Interviewing committee and process
    • Screening and interview strategy and questions
    • Release of applicants
    • Timeline for hiring
  • The Recruiter posts and advertises the position
  • The Recruiter monitors candidate pool demographic data
  • Together with the Manager of Employment Operations and the Hiring Manager, the sourcing strategy may be revised to ensure that the candidate pool demographics meet or exceed the established availability percentage.
  • The Recruiter reviews, releases, and screens candidates as agreed upon in the Timeline for Hiring discussion
  • The Recruiter works with the Hiring Manager and Committee to ensure that interviews are conducted within guidelines
  • A process for the anonymous collection of feedback is established
  • Finalist Selected (note: Invitations of Employment are extended by HR)
    • The Manager/Committee selects finalist(s) and notifies the HR Recruiter
    • Background Check, References, and Demographic Data are completed by HR
    • The Hiring Manager submits the recommendation to the Portfolio Owner, who may elect to interview the finalist

Recommending a Hire

  • Portfolio business staff (or designee) collects information needed for an Online Hiring Proposal:
    • Reference checks
    • Budget revision approval, if applicable
  • The Hiring Manager presents the finalist to the portfolio owner
    • The portfolio owner reviews the recommendation and then authorizes the Portfolio Delegate to submit the Hiring Proposal to the Division of HR
  • HR reviews the recommendation for
    • Background check completion
    • Internal and external equity
    • Compliance with the approved budget
    • Documentation that a complete and fair recruitment was conducted
    • Demographic data review

Invitation of Employment

  • The recruiter reviews the offer process with the Manager of Employment
  • The recruiter extends the invitation with regard to salary and benefits
  • The Hiring Manager follows up the invitation with regard to the new employee's start date and job specifics

Hiring the Employee

Note: No one may perform any work until they have completed an I-9 and presented documents to a member of the Division of Human Resources

  • Employment Transaction Form
  • Written Invitation of Employment
    • The Division of Human Resources creates a written invitation of employment letter
  • HR will work with the new employee and the department to arrange for the completion of the New Hire Packet
  • HR will work with the new employee and the department to schedule the Mandatory New Employee Orientation, which includes benefits enrollment
  • HR and Payroll Processing
    • HR will process the new hire when the required documents are completed and returned to HR with identification to satisfy the I-9

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