Remembrance of Jerry Dziuba

By John Wen and the ECSE Department

Longtime ECSE lab and classroom manager Jerry Dziuba passed away peacefully on October 28, 2021. Jerry was with Rensselaer and ECSE for 47 years. He was dedicated, capable, helpful, and generous — a true pillar of ECSE and Rensselaer. 

Jerry loved what he was doing. Nothing would have gotten done without his ability to gently, but effectively, show students and faculty how everything worked while also keeping everything working. The lab courses during the pandemic would not have been possible without Jerry handling the logistics. There was one simple truth about Jerry, he always wanted the best for the students. If something was wrong, he would go above and beyond to try to correct it. 

Jerry was kind, thoughtful, and exceptionally competent — providing insightful and practical perspectives to the department operation. Jerry was understated and modest, yet his efforts were incredibly significant to the success of the department, the Institute, and — most of all — the education and preparation of a vast number of engineering students throughout the years. We are thankful of Jerry’s contribution and will miss him dearly.

Download a PDF of the Eulogy

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