What I like most about working at Rensselaer:

“Every day I have the opportunity to work with and around students, faculty, and staff who are diverse, intelligent, and are creating real change in the world.  I receive great satisfaction from watching their success, our success as we grow and become the best versions of ourselves. It is rewarding to see this knowing I have played a part in it all.”

- Jenni Mullet, Graduate Education

“I came to Rensselaer in May of 1988, to work with Nuclear Engineering at the LINAC.  One of the highlights was when I was sent out to Arizona to the gems trade shows to bring attention to the fact that the LINAC irradiated diamonds and blue topaz, along with other areas of research.

I later became the Financial Manager for Nuclear Engineering & Engineering Physics, Flexible Manufacturing Center and the Center for Multiphase Research, under MANE.  A wonderful and organized group of people. 

I am currently based under the School of Engineering,  although I’ve been the Business Administrator with the Chemical & Biological Engineering Department since 2007.  The CBE group holds a variety of events and is a very active and social department. Very recently I have also taken on the Industrial & Systems Engineering Department as well.

During my time here I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge, and the wonderful support of co-workers.”

- Elaine Belokopitsky, School of Engineering

“RPI has challenged me from day one.  The opportunity to experience and learn new things is never ending.  I love how staff across the entire campus support each other to ensure we are all successful.   We understand that we cannot act alone.  We are only as strong as the whole. And we are strong!”

- Pam Rochminski, Division of Finance

“I am excited to be surrounded by brilliant researchers who contribute to a healthier, safer, and all-around better world. I am fortunate to have been given opportunities that allow me to combine skills I have with work I enjoy. I made lots of great friends here. It’s exciting to be surrounded by students who are so smart and care so much. I have so many opportunities to work with so many wonderful people.

The people I’ve worked with over the years at Rensselaer have really made the difference.”

- Adam Hechler, Rensselaer at Hartford

“We have the best students in the world!”

- Christine Zinzow, Division of Student Life

“Working at Rensselaer is quite a different and welcome experience for me.  The culture and flexibility of Rensselaer is a breath of fresh air.  A week after I was first hired as an analyst in HASS, Dean Mary Simoni asked me what I liked most. I stated that I gained 10 years in my life expectancy because of the environment here compared to the corporate rat-race.  I appreciate all that Rensselaer has done for me and my family and look forward to the future.”

- Mark Maiellaro, School of Engineering

“The best part of working at Rensselaer is all the lasting friendships I’ve made with both colleagues and students.”  

- Michelle Orzel, Division of Finance

“I am grateful to be a part of changes that are much bigger than what any one of us could ever imagine.”

-Tasha Sanford, Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer

“For me the best part of working at Rensselaer is the people I work with every day, they are my work family and we all care deeply for one another, although one thing for sure, we know how to have a good time in the Bursar's office as it can be stressful collecting money!  All of us work well together accomplishing the task at hand, helping and assisting students pay their tuition to achieve their goal of receiving a degree from Rensselaer.”

- Pam McCumber

“The collaborative spirit that runs through Student Life Division and the broader Rensselaer community. Getting to have a front row seat to the future. The students keep it real and keep us grounded.”

- Kevin Readdean, Division of Student Life

“Working at Rensselaer is one of the great joys of my life. Each day I have the privilege of working with colleagues in the School of Engineering who are intelligent, motivated, and passionate about serving our students. Our students are inventive, smart, compassionate, and kind and they keep us on our toes! My days are never routine, and I leave with a smile every night.”

-  Marie Dieffenbach, School of Engineering

“I am lucky to work at the Lighting Research Center alongside my esteemed colleagues working on lighting solutions that can change the world. For example, the team I work on is researching innovative lighting solutions to mitigate diseases and pests in agriculture, which can result in lower chemical use in the food supply chain and in the environment.”

- Leora Radetsky

“When asked to make a quote about 45+ years of one’s life it makes you stop for a minute to think about where has maybe half your life gone and what has it meant to you.

Through the years I’ve learned a job is not about only one’s individual career and life choice but it is about family and friends that makes one’s life truly worth living. Here along with my own family at home I have had both.

Thanks to everyone that has helped me along my way.”

- Nelson Brownell

“I’ve met some wonderful colleagues over the years! I enjoy the appreciation I receive from my colleagues and I’m glad I can be a valued resource and go-to person for all facets of the department.”

- Tracy Rooney

“I am honored to be a member of the RPI family.  Every day, I am excited to work with exceptional students who have embraced excellence as a way of life.  The faculty, staff, and administrators are fully committed to the success of the students and the Institute as a whole. My family and I are truly blessed to be a part of this world-class organization.  LET’S GO RED!”

- Ralph Isernia, Division of Student Life

“Rensselaer is more than just a place to work. It is a community made up of colleagues working together toward a common goal of educating our students to be the next generation of leaders. It is a privilege to be a part of the Rensselaer community.”

- Jenn Brock, President's Office

“At Rensselaer, people collaborate and work together applying varying perspectives, experience, and skills to solve problems, and create new solutions. In doing so, it enables mutual support and learning and fosters respect. If you are surrounded by nice, hard-working people, coming to work is a pleasure.”

- Patricia Proper, Office of the Provost

"From students and faculty to all levels of administration, the people I am working with are bright, creative, kind, and supportive. I feel very lucky to be a part of such a nurturing and transformative community.”

- Deniz Rende, School of Engineering

“I feel very fortunate to be involved in the field of Student Services and to be part of a caring team of bright, strategic, and insightful people. Each day brings new challenges, and we have learned to expect the unexpected. Working in such a dynamic environment with the common goal of fostering student success is both meaningful and rewarding.”

- Jennifer Mumby, School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

“Great to come back as an alum and get to work with future alums!

The student diversity is fabulous.

I get to work with some extremely talented and gifted people.”

- Mark Anderson, School of Engineering

“I really enjoy working with the talented staff and faculty here at RPI.

It’s exciting to work in this high-tech environment at such a prestigious institution.”

- Steven B. Quinn, School of Engineering

“Joining Rensselaer and working in a university environment back in 2007 was a new experience for me, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career.

I particularly enjoy being of service to our students and working with teams of staff both at my home campus in Hartford and at Troy, who are always friendly, proactive, and supportive.”

- Linda Kresge, Rensselaer @ Hartford


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