Military Leave of Absence

Required by State and/or Federal Law

Rensselaer will grant a military leave of absence to a Rensselaer employee in any position (other than a temporary position) who receives orders to report for active duty, initial active duty for training, or other required service in any branch of the United States Armed Forces, such as the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard, and their Reserve components, including the National Guard, or the Public Health Service.

Make-Up Pay

A Rensselaer employee in a military reserve unit who is called to serve in the armed forces or to report for training will receive make-up pay for the difference between the pay received for the tour of duty and their regular Rensselaer daily earnings. This make-up pay will be paid for up to a maximum of four weeks while the employee is on training duty, and up to a maximum of eight weeks while they are on active duty.

Rensselaer will only provide make-up pay when the employee’s tour of duty pay is less than their regular Rensselaer daily earnings.

Retirement Contributions

Although it is not possible for employees to contribute to a Rensselaer Retirement Plan during a leave without pay, they can make catch-up contributions upon their return from leave.

Benefit Plan Coverage Continuation

The benefit plan coverage continuation is determined based on provisions of each plan for up to one year provided appropriate contributions are made. If the leave is:

  • Less than 30 days: Benefit contributions will be deducted from the employee’s first check upon their return to work.
  • Greater than 30 days: Employee must pay their normal employee portion of contributions to Rensselaer by the first of each month.

Benefits will continue provided the employee’s contributions are received on a monthly basis.

Service Time Accrual

The employee will accrue service during the time spent in military service, provided the employee returns to work after discharge within the period specified by federal law.

Returning from Military Leave (Excluding Inactive Duty for Training)

The employee must notify Human Resources of their intent to return to work by applying for reemployment within the period specified by federal law. An employee who returns from active duty is entitled to all general and seniority based pay raises that would have been received except for the military service.

As a general rule, federal law provides that employees leaving active duty must apply for reemployment within 90 days of being released from active duty. Reservists and members of the National Guard returning from an initial period of active duty for training of not less than 12 consecutive weeks must generally apply for reemployment within 31 days of their release.

Returning to Work

Human Resources will issue a return-to-work date to eligible and qualified returning employees. Employees who do not return to work at the appointed date may forfeit their rights to reemployment.

Please see section 1300 of the Rensselaer HR Policy , or Rensselaer’s Military Leave of Absence Policy, for more details on leaves of absence.

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