Tuition Benefits

For Rensselaer Employees and Their Spouses

Regular or fixed-term Rensselaer employees who are scheduled to work 30 or more hours per week are, along with their spouse, are eligible to participate in Rensselaer’s tuition reimbursement program, under which Rensselaer will pay 90% of the tuition cost for the employee and their spouse to take two courses each per semester at Rensselaer. The employee and/or their spouse must apply and be admitted via Rensselaer’s Admissions office to take advantage of this benefit. Tuition reimbursement is contingent upon the employee or their spouse obtaining a minimum grade of C, or “Pass” in a Pass-Fail grading system.

This benefit allows a four-credit limit per course, and applies to a maximum of six courses each per fiscal year, which runs from July 1 through June 30 of the following year. 

For regular full-time employees, Rensselaer will reimburse 75% of the cost of tuition for up to two job-related courses per fiscal year taken at Rensselaer-approved accredited colleges or universities. The employee’s supervisor must approve the courses. Note that usage of this external benefit counts toward the six courses per fiscal year limit, as mentioned above, and only applies to Rensselaer employees.  Spouses of Rensselaer employees are not eligible. Tuition reimbursement is contingent upon the employee obtaining a minimum grade of C, or “Pass” in a Pass-Fail grading system.

Please speak to your department's Business Manager for access to OSCAR in order to submit an online Tuition Remission Form for review and approval.

English as a Second Language courses offered through Empire State English are reimbursable under the tuition benefit for eligible faculty and staff only.

Rensselaer employees must have at least three years of continuous regular full-time service in order to be eligible for this benefit, and their dependent child/children must have applied and been accepted to the college(s). For Rensselaer employees whose eligible dependent children under the age of 26 attend Rensselaer, the Institute will pay 75% (90% effective July 1, 2023) of the tuition costs of up to eight undergraduate semesters.  This benefits only applies to undergraduate studies.

For those employees who were hired after September 30, 1978, and whose child decides to attend another college that is recognized by Rensselaer, the Institute will pay tuition costs for up to eight undergraduate semesters. Rensselaer will pay an amount not exceeding the lesser of $2,000 per semester, or the total tuition for the semester at the other college.

Employees must submit a Tuition Remission form via OSCAR each semester for each eligible child, with a copy of the student’s finalized tuition bill attached. For employees whose child is a New York State resident and will be attending a school located in New York State, a Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) award notice or verification of ineligibility to receive a TAP award is also required.

The Robert C. Parker school offers a $3,000 scholarship to Rensselaer faculty and staff having dependent children who are entering kindergarten through eighth grade. The Parker School offers a progressive approach to education, recognizing that the joy of personal accomplishment is more motivating than a test score. The curriculum, which is designed around thematic project-based learning and blends basic skills with high motivation, allows a student’s natural curiosity and problem-solving abilities to emerge.

To set up a personal tour or more information visit the Parker School website

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